Sunny 99.1 Morning Show with Dana Tyson

Now hear this!  Once a  week, I will be joining morning DJ and dog lover/advocate, Dana Tyson, to discuss dog training tips and advice during her morning show on Sunny 99.1.  Podcasts of the show are available by clicking here if you miss the on-air broadcast by clicking this link.  Wow, technology is so great!  If you have […]

Who’s Your Daddy?

Apparently total indiscretion is rampant among dogs in Houston. Who woulda thought! On Saturday, I was on “the beat” for Houston PetTalk at Rover Oaks Pet Resort for the “What’s Your Mutt?” fundraiser for PAWS Houston. You should have seen the parade of mutts who really didn’t care who their daddy was, but their humans […]

National Radio Show. Are you Sirius?

After two reschedules and an impending hurricane, I finally did the “Road Dog” radio show on Sirius. To review, ..this show consists of truckers and their questions about their pets. Elizabeth Walsh was a gracious host. She did well at controlling the show. People with “handles” asking typical questions made for a fun hour. ie. […]

Basic Cat Training

No, this is not about Kitty Boot Camp! If training your cat to sit, stay and heel is your goal, perhaps you should get a dog. This article is about training cats to use the litter box instead of the carpet and a scratching post instead of the stereo speakers. If you’re like me, you […]

Introducing A New Cat

Unfortunately, most cat owners who decide to add another cat to their home do not stop to consider the gravity of their ambitions.  They assume that all they have to do is call a meeting, take the new cat out of its carrier, present it to the old cat and say, “Tom, this is Jerry.  […]

Senior Pet Wellness

Safeguarding the health of your senior pet is of primary concern. Senior wellness programs allow veterinarians to help increase your pet’s lifespan through proactive preventive health care. Because many health problems cannot be identified by a physical exam, it is recommended all senior pets receive wellness screenings to permit early diagnosis of any hidden problems.

ESTATE PLANNING OPTIONS: Remembering Your Best Friend

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your pet if you died first?  Who would be there to provide food, shelter, comfort and love?  How would a prospective caregiver know about your pet’s needs, such as medication or a special diet?  What are some of the options available to plan for your pet’s […]

A Ray of Hope

Miracles happen when fate intervenes, and luck plays its part. Left lying beside a rural Texas road with multiple hip fractures, severe head trauma and deep lacerations, Sunshine’s “ray of hope” was wavering until she felt the kind of touch and gentle lifting hands of her guardian angel. A cry for help went out on […]

Deborah Duncan Is Great With Animals Too!

It’s true…Deborah Duncan is just as big-hearted as her smile is charming and her wit is quick! The new host of Great Day Houston is dazzling her audience every day but what some may not know is that she also gives her time and talent to animal charities in Houston. Deborah Duncan needs no introduction […]