Rosie (Cleo) has found her forever home!

Rosie has been adopted! I could not be more thrilled to pass on the news that Rosie has a new daddy and a beautiful new name (Cleopatra or Cleo). Thank you so much to everyone who passed around the blog helping in the search for Cleo’s forever home. Her new home is perfect for her. […]

Please help Rosie! (: She comes with free training! :)

Friday night I came home to this beautiful girl sitting in front of my apartment. She was just sitting there calmly as if she had come to visit me on purpose. My heart sank when I saw her because I knew immediately that she was homeless and that I would not be able to turn […]

Clicker Training

The clicker is widely regarded as the greatest breakthrough in modern animal training. Clicker training evolved from the training of marine animals. Since marine animals are usually at a distance (and in the water!), trainers found it difficult to instantly reward them for correct responses. While Marine animal trainers usually use a whistle to mark […]

Use your brain!

As important as physical exercise is, mental stimulation is also critical. Most breeds of dogs were originally bred to do a job; they were created for a purpose.  As household pets, most dogs are never asked to herd the cattle, pull the sled, hunt for dinner, guard the sheep, or kill vermin on the farm! […]

Sit. SIT. SIT!! I said SIT DOWN this very minute!!!!!

I confess. I have done it. We are all guilty of it. Pet owners constantly say all kinds of things to their dogs; from commands, to baby talk, to full on monologues. But the thing is, no matter how soulfully they may look up at you, dogs are not born understanding English… or French, or […]

Ay, Chihuahua!

Hollywood has done it again. Beverly Hills Chihuahua was a huge box office success. That means lots of families and lots of little kids ventured out to the theater and left wanting a Chihuahua of their very own. I mean, who can resist those adorable, tiny, talking dogs? They look so great in the movie, […]

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