Your Dog Training Questions: My Dogs Fight

Your Dog Training Questions: My Dogs Fight

Jim, My dogs — brothers rescued from BARC — fight. No serious injuries (yet) but I’m worried I won’t be able to handle the fight one of these days. How can I get them to stop? – Martin, via e-mail My Answer: The problem of sibling rivalry is something I have addressed on this blog […]

Your Dog Training Questions: My Dog Growls At Me

Your Dog Training Questions: My Dog Growls At Me

Today, I’m answering a short, sweet question sent to me on Twitter, you can find me here: @PetiquetteDog. Your Question: Jim, my dog growls at me sometimes… why? It’s annoying and scary. – @okokgoodok My Answer: When a dog growls, he might be telling you “This is my space, back off!” There are other, non-threatening reasons […]

Your Dog Training Questions: My Dog Has Food Aggression

Dog aggression is a difficult behavior problem. It’s hard to say why a dog shows aggression. Common causes are poor puppy socialization, being taken from the litter too soon, fear and poor obedience training. Unfortunately, dogs can’t tell us why they are behaving the way they do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t manage the […]

Petiquette With Jim Burwell: Dog Behavior Problems, Dogs Fighting Again?

Dog fights amongst canine housemates continue to be a serious concern to peaceable owners. Today I just returned from a lesson with two cute female pit/mix pups – both just under 12 months of age. The initial call was that they had gotten into a fight causing a trip to the vet with punctures. This […]

Petiquette With Jim Burwell: Is There a Cure for Dog-Dog Aggression?

I have worked with many clients seeking a cure for their aggressive dogs. Their questions are usually the same: Can you fix it? What do I have to do? How long will it take? Can you fix it? As much as all clients want their dog to be friendly towards all other dogs, the reality […]

Petiquette With Jim Burwell: Aggressive Dog Behavior – How To Turn It Around

Aggressive dog behavior happens. Many dog owners who would never have thought their dog would become aggressive are startled, confused and sometimes afraid when their dog acts aggressive towards them. There are close to 20 types of dog aggression that have been identified, but all can have potentially serious consequences. If left unchecked, it can […]

Petiquette With Jim Burwell: Dealing With Dog Aggression While Walking on a Leash

Over the years many clients have initially come to me because of dog aggression when walking on a leash. Interestingly, many of these dogs were not, in fact, aggressive – their behavior was simply a result of the dog perceiving the owner’s anxiety. The first step in curbing any negative behavior in dogs is dog training, and lots of it.

Petiquette With Jim Burwell: Changing Dog Aggression — Is It Possible?

When you are the owner of a dog that often shows aggression whether to other dogs or people, finding the best information on how to remedy this can be difficult and confusing. There is so much information out there on dog aggression, much of it by hobby trainers. The information could even be harmful.

The Most Important Reasons for Puppy Class

Bite Inhibition and Socialization. Preventing bad bite inhibition and poor socialization are the most urgent priorities when it comes to your new puppy.  These things need to be worked on before your puppy is 18weeks old.  Unfortunately, many owners don’t consider or think about training until the puppy is 5 or 6 months old.  This […]

How to Tell if Your Pet Has Anxiety & How You Can Help Resolve It

One of the most common behavioral problems with see with animals is anxiety.  Before you determine it truly is a behavioral problem, have your pet checked out by a vet to rule out any medical reason that might be causing or contributing to their behavior. Anxiety can show itself in many different ways such as […]

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