Working With Fearful Dogs

Dogs can be fearful for many reasons. It can be an inherently skittish breed (Chihuahua), have suffered some kind of trauma, people around them do the wrong things when something that might be fearful occurs (such as coddling the dog when it shakes), or they have never been exposed to the world around it (living in a backyard its entire life). There are many extremes of fear which can result in aggression or health issues. It is important to remember that every dog put in the right situation can bite, but it is how we react to what the dog tells us if we will get bit or not. When working with fearful dogs, we always want to be careful not to trigger a bite. Once a dog bites it is easier to bite again. Especially if the person reacts incorrectly to the bite.

The Most Important Reasons for Puppy Class

Bite Inhibition and Socialization. Preventing bad bite inhibition and poor socialization are the most urgent priorities when it comes to your new puppy.  These things need to be worked on before your puppy is 18weeks old.  Unfortunately, many owners don’t consider or think about training until the puppy is 5 or 6 months old.  This […]

Separation anxiety in dogs – what helps

Major separation anxiety was the focus of a private lesson with a client today. While there are many reasons why dogs develop separation anxiety, this particular case started because a client was home bound for an extended period of time due to medical issues. She had just adopted her dog Woody, a 5 month old mix breed from the shelter about 4 weeks prior to her illness. She adored this dog “to the max” because of his soft gentle nature.

When Dogs Growl – What Does It Mean?

One way dogs communicate is to growl. A dog’s growling is not always a bad thing. Some dogs that tend to be rather vocal will growl
when they need to go outside, or they may have a gutteral growl when they are trying to tell you they are hungry.

These types of growls are very different from a dog who growls to tell you to back off his space, his food, his toy. These incidents of
growling need to be dealt with immediately. This type of growling is your dog’s way of telling you that he believes he is the “in charge” and that
it is HIS toy, HIS bed, HIS food. This is a dominant dog. This will escalate into something more harmful if not immediately addressed.

Train Your Dog Month: January 2010

Hundreds of thousands of dogs have been turned into animal shelters because their owners didn’t know how to deal with behavior problems and couldn’t find a reliable resource to help them.  We, at the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, think it is long overdue to dedicate a month where we can bring awareness to the […]

Does your dog whine a lot?

Does your dog whine? Irritating isn’t it. But before you loose your patience, you need to make an evaluation of why your dog is whining. Is there something wrong? Does he need something like– to go out to the bathroom? Or, is he demanding something, like your attention?

Since our dogs can’t talk, their only forms of communication are barking and whining. When a dog consistently whines, the very first thing to check for are any medical issues. If your dog is in some type of pain, his way to deal with it is to whine. Especially if you have an older dog, arthritis can be very painful and the dog’s only way of telling you it’s in pain is to whine.

Stocking Stuffers for Fido

Each time I start the training process with a new client, whether it be a new, nippy puppy or a destructive, bored dog, I always recommend a slew of chew/ interactive toys.  One of my main goals is to turn the dog into a chew- toy- fanatic.  A chew- toy-aholic, if you will. I have […]

Holiday Training & Safety Tips

Holiday times can be joyful or a source of stress for all of us, and that goes for your dogs, too! With some advanced planning and a little training, you can make things more festive and fun for Fido and less stressful for you! The Association of Pet Dog Trainers offers these helpful tips: Things […]

Traveling with Fido

June was National Safety Month, and in honor of the important topic of safety for you and your dogs, the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers ) put together some helpful tips in regards to traveling with your pet.  I thought it was well worth passing along…. Planes, Trains and Automobiles It was the best […]

4th of July Dog Safety Tips

Families across America love to celebrate with fireworks. For many dogs however, fireworks can be a source of extreme fear and stress. Here are some tips to help with the stress: Take your dog for a long walk before the festivities start. This will allow him to potty outside before all of the noise begins […]