Getting A Puppy For Christmas? 7 Puppy Training Commandments To Keep In Mind

I recently answered an e-mail from a mom thinking about getting her two children a puppy for Christmas. A quick review, never get anyone of any age a “surprise” puppy, and adoption is always best. So, for those of you who have decided to take the big step of adding a dog to your family, these are the 7 puppy training commandments you should know:

How Dog Training Can Keep Your Dog Safe And Happy During Christmas

It’s easy to forget about keeping our dogs safe during the holidays with the Christmas tree and everything else that can distract us. If something unfortunate happens, you don’t want to find yourself saying, “I never would have thought that could happen!” Now, many of you have dogs that are veterans of many Christmases past, […]


Results from a recent American Kennel Club® (AKC®) holiday survey reveal that one of the most popular reasons (15%) that Fido is most likely to end up on Santa’s naughty list is for chewing up anything and everything. One person admitted that the family dog had chewed up “six cell phones, one camera, about 15 remote controls, and five pairs of sunglasses.”

Interestingly enough, though, the family dog was the least likely to get coal in his stocking (6%). Respondents stated that the most likely would be themselves (46%), followed by their spouse (31%), then their kids (16%).

Barking: Is Your Barking Dog Creating Your Own Reality TV Program?

A recent client called about their dog’s nuisance barking at dogs and other animals on television. A favorite channel in their home was animal planet and that was at the top of the list for Charlie, their hound dog/retriever mix, Charlie has an unmistakable hound dog howl-bark that has greatly increased his owner’s anxiety and […]

Dog Behavior: How To Recognize And Reduce Holiday Stress For Your Dog

By Jim Burwell of Jim Burwell’s Petiquette Dog
Overeating, strange relatives, no time to exercise, traveling… and that’s just what your dog is dealing with during the holidays. It’s no surprise that many of the things that cause us stress at this time of year also have an effect on our dogs. Now is the time to observe your dog for signs of stress and take extra care to reduce his stress this month. First, what are some of the behaviors a stressed-out dog will display?

Your Dog Training Questions: My Dog Whines All Day And Night

Your Question: Jim — My dog, Dolce, whines. He whines for attention, he whines for food and sometimes for no reason. We try to ignore it, but that never seems to work. The only other problem we have ever had with him is barking at guests, which we can usually get under control. So it’s […]

Your Puppy Training Questions: We Want A Puppy For Christmas!

Your Question: Jim, My kids are in the middle of a campaign called We Want A Puppy For Christmas! I have to admit I am secretly rooting for them, but I’m not sure they are ready. They are 7 and 9. What do you think about giving a puppy to children as a gift? – […]

Petiquette With Jim Burwell: How You Feed Your Puppy Can Influence Calm, Good Behavior

The guide to when, how and where to feed.

Your Dog Training Questions: My Dog Takes ME For A Walk

Your Question: Jim, I have a very rowdy Lab mix who seems impossible to walk. She pulls me down the street, almost at a run. I have given up walking for way too long now and she’s got a new hobby – digging in the yard. I know I should walk her, but what can […]

Getting A Puppy For Christmas? Sign Up For Training Before Classes Are Full At Rover Oaks of Houston and Katy

Rover Oaks Pet Resort of Houston and Katy are taking enrollment for dog and puppy training classes in January. New puppies will definitely benefit from early training as will your relationship with your new family member. Other classes are also offered for basic obedience, off-leash play and more!
Read more to learn about the types of classes offered and the schedule.