Separation anxiety in dogs – what helps

Major separation anxiety was the focus of a private lesson with a client today. While there are many reasons why dogs develop separation anxiety, this particular case started because a client was home bound for an extended period of time due to medical issues. She had just adopted her dog Woody, a 5 month old mix breed from the shelter about 4 weeks prior to her illness. She adored this dog “to the max” because of his soft gentle nature.

When Dogs Growl – What Does It Mean?

One way dogs communicate is to growl. A dog’s growling is not always a bad thing. Some dogs that tend to be rather vocal will growl
when they need to go outside, or they may have a gutteral growl when they are trying to tell you they are hungry.

These types of growls are very different from a dog who growls to tell you to back off his space, his food, his toy. These incidents of
growling need to be dealt with immediately. This type of growling is your dog’s way of telling you that he believes he is the “in charge” and that
it is HIS toy, HIS bed, HIS food. This is a dominant dog. This will escalate into something more harmful if not immediately addressed.

Dog Training: why do family dogs fight

Here’s a list of why dogs fight. Competition for resources, including your attention Status-related conflicts – that would be housemates of the same sex fighting over social status to name a few.

Does your dog whine a lot?

Does your dog whine? Irritating isn’t it. But before you loose your patience, you need to make an evaluation of why your dog is whining. Is there something wrong? Does he need something like– to go out to the bathroom? Or, is he demanding something, like your attention?

Since our dogs can’t talk, their only forms of communication are barking and whining. When a dog consistently whines, the very first thing to check for are any medical issues. If your dog is in some type of pain, his way to deal with it is to whine. Especially if you have an older dog, arthritis can be very painful and the dog’s only way of telling you it’s in pain is to whine.

Petiquette With Jim Burwell: Puppy Training- What’s the best age to start?

Find out how and when to start training your new puppy.

Dog Training: Dog obedience class benefits

Group class is one of one of my favorite things to do. I love to see the interaction of the dogs when they are in
playtime before a class and to watch how each owner and dog become more confident with each week of training

This got me to thinking about the benefits of group obedience so I thought I would list a few of the benefits for you.
Group obedience class IS mainly for the owners. It’s an economical way to show owners how to work with their dogs
which allows them to take that information home and practice with their dogs in the home environment.

Puppy Training: Socializing your puppy or dog

In the last 2 weeks I have had two clients call me with dog behavior issues in their relatively young puppies.  After speaking with both of them, the common denominator in both of their dog’s behavior, was lack of socialization of these puppies at an early age and no dog training. What was even more […]

Petiquette With Jim Burwell: 5 Big Mistakes Puppy Owners Make in Potty Training Their Puppy

Did you know that most new owners do almost everything wrong?

Christmas puppies come with owner responsibilities

With Christmas around the corner – and I do mean literaly “just around the corner”, I am always reminded of the thousands of Christmas puppies (probably even more) that are snuggled up in Santa’s bag waiting to go to a new home this coming Christmas Eve.  More importantly, their wish is that they get a home where […]