Pet Cremation

Pet Cremation

By: Scott Mason, Live Oak Pet Services Pet cremation has become very popular as our pets become a bigger, more important part of our family.  But what are some of the details in pet cremation? At Live Oak Pet Services, we help vet clinics as well as individual pet owners.  For pets that pass at home, Live Oak is available to arrange […]

Paws Memorial-Founding Member of the PLPA

Houston’s own, Catherine Dalrymple, founder of Paws Memorial Service, proves her dedication to the pet world and aiding those left behind by a beloved pet by becoming a founding member of the PLPA. More than 70 pet loss professionals gathered in March for the First Annual Conference of the newly formed Pet Loss Professionals Alliance (PLPA).

“Call To Doody” Now Offering More Services & Products

A local waste removal service, Call To Doody, is wasting no time expanding their business by offering additional products and services. In addition to their residential yard cleaning service, Call To Doody also offers commercial services for businesses and events. There’s no doubt that it is more pleasant, sanitary and healthy to have pet waste scooped and disposed of routinely. (There are many health hazards to leaving waste on the ground and you can learn all about the diseases and parasites that can take hold in a yard by visiting Call To Doody’s “Why Scoop Poop” page.