Boost Your Pet’s health with this Single Simple Solution

Boost Your Pet’s health with this Single Simple Solution

  All pets and their owners can benefit from this one product – Willard Water! No, it is not something from Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, although it has had many reported positive effects like the mystical fountain of youth. I call Willard Water the fountain of health. It works, but no one knows exactly how. What is Willard Water? It is a […]

How Real Is The Threat Of Heartworms?

The pet owner was surprised. Her veterinarian explained her dog had testedpositive for heartworm disease, but Rusty didn’t look sick. She just couldn’tbelieve it. When could Rusty possibly have been exposed to heartworms?The threat is real.All dogs are at risk for heartworms, even if they spend most of the timeindoors. Why? Because one mosquito bite […]

Pet Friendly Travel Tips from VCA

Helpful travel tips, and pet gear checklist from VCA to help you plan a summer vacation for family AND fido!

The Dangers of Xylitol!

Xylitol is a common sugar substitute (also known as sugar alcohol) used in a wide variety of items these days.  It seems to be everywhere: in sugarless gum, toothpaste, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, candy, baked goods, mints, and even puddings.  While harmless to humans, it can be lethal to dogs.  Once ingested, there is a window of […]

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