Veterinary Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Clinic is hosting a Pet Party Saturday, June 26th!

Kick off the summer with a great party for you and your furry friend. Dress yourself and your pet in Hawaiian gear to win prizes!

What are Animals REALLY Trying to Tell Us? You May Be Surprised!

PART 1 – PETS Our pets can display a certain behavior or become ill or injured.  Do you realize that most of the time, they are really trying to tell us something? First of all, you have to realize that animals are here to help teach us.  We only need to listen.  Yes, that can […]

Save Your Pets from Pesky Pests Naturally!

It is easy to learn to use natural products on and around your pets. Chemicals can make your pets sick and even be fatal. Do your best to keep things as natural for yourself and your pets as possible. Your pets will thank you.

Simple Ways to Bring Joy to Your Pet’s Life

Is your pet sad, grieving or depressed? Different remedies and natural solutions can help. I’m adding to the information that was provided in the April Natural Pet Tips featured in this month’s issue of the Houston Pet Talk magazine.  There are a number of possible ways that you can bring joy into your pet’s life.  This is especially […]

Flower Power: Help Your Pet With Flower Essences

Flower Power! We use flower essences to help animals with emotional/behavioral issues.

It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3 to Train Your Pet Naturally!

I’m adding to the information that was provided in the March Natural Pet Tips featured in this month’s issue of the Houston Pet Talk magazine.

You can take your training to a new level with natural methods. These are things anyone can do so give them a try. Even if it is new to you, your pet may really appreciate you for it.

Holistic Treatments for Cancer in Pets – Consider Your Options

Last week we looked at 5 simple things you can do to help prevent cancer in your pets. If your pet has cancer, you need to look carefully at all of your options. If your pet has undergone surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, some of the options below can help support the traditional methods of treating cancer. If you have not made a decision yet, consider these holistic options and discuss them with your vet. Know that sometimes with surgery the cancer comes back with a vengeance. Sometimes chemo and radiation can weaken an animal’s immune system and they never quite recover. Other times, traditional methods are very successful.

You Can Prevent Cancer in Your Pet – 5 Things You Need to Know

The dreaded “c” word. Nobody wants to hear that a loved one has cancer, and that certainly includes our beloved pets. This week we are going to talk about how to prevent cancer in your pets. Next week we will address how you can holistically help your pet if sadly they have been diagnosed with cancer or your vet suspects cancer.

How to Tell if Your Pet Has Anxiety & How You Can Help Resolve It

One of the most common behavioral problems with see with animals is anxiety.  Before you determine it truly is a behavioral problem, have your pet checked out by a vet to rule out any medical reason that might be causing or contributing to their behavior. Anxiety can show itself in many different ways such as […]

Do You Know the #1 Cause of Behavioral & Health Issues in Pets?

Did you know that the #1 ultimate cause is stress? It affects animals just like people.  If an animal is stressed out, it can lead to behavioral problems or health conditions.  So what is the key to a healthy pet? First, think of your pet on a holistic (wholistic) level. Animals need to be looked […]

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