How to Tell if Your Pet Has Anxiety & How You Can Help Resolve It

One of the most common behavioral problems with see with animals is anxiety.  Before you determine it truly is a behavioral problem, have your pet checked out by a vet to rule out any medical reason that might be causing or contributing to their behavior. Anxiety can show itself in many different ways such as […]

Do You Know the #1 Cause of Behavioral & Health Issues in Pets?

Did you know that the #1 ultimate cause is stress? It affects animals just like people.  If an animal is stressed out, it can lead to behavioral problems or health conditions.  So what is the key to a healthy pet? First, think of your pet on a holistic (wholistic) level. Animals need to be looked […]

Feline Food Controversy

Are dry foods (kibble) causing an epidemic of obesity/diabetes in cats? A recent paper by JAVMA suggests dry food grains are carb overdrive.

Simple New Years Resolutions You Can Do With Your Pet!

I hope you are excited about the coming year. I certainly am. I thought it would be appropriate to share with you some simple but important resolutions you can do for your pet.
1. Do a diagnostic massage with your pet. This will help you to examine your animal’s body to make sure they are ok. If you do it weekly, you will notice any changes in their body such as areas that are sensitive to touch, warm or growths. Massage increases the bond with your pet and they really come to love it! You can get all the scoop here.


We all do it at the holidays. Overindulge, that is; on eggnog, cookies, candy and holiday buffet fare even though we know it’s not good for us. And it’s hard not to do the same with our four-legged, furry companions. The advent of the New Year is the perfect time to resolve to achieve a healthier lifestyle for our pets, according to the experts at Wellness® Natural Food and Snacks for Pets.

“Just as for people, eating right and getting exercise are fundamental to a pet’s health,” said Dr. Edward Moser, VMD, consulting veterinary nutritionist…

How Nutrition & Kinesiology Can Help Your Pet’s Health

Now to talk about nutrition and how kinesiology can help this very important part of your pet’s life. Did you know that feeding the wrong foods and supplements can cause health and behavioral problems? Many sensitivities/allergies are a result of the foods your pet is eating. It can even contribute to behavioral issues such as lethargy, hyperactivity and anxiety. It does not matter if it is a dog, cat, horse, etc. That is how important nutrition is. Ideally, if an animal body’s was in perfect balance, they could eat anything and would be just fine. But because of so many factors in their lives, including environmental, it makes this extremely challenging.

You Can Help Your Pet with Natural Health Care – Ready to Get Started?

Hi everyone, I’m very excited about doing this new blog.  I look forward to sharing ways you can help your pets live a happier, healthier and longer life.  It doesn’t matter if you are a pet owner or animal professional, everyone can do everything I’ll be talking about.  After all, many people use natural health care to […]

Are you loving your dog to death?

Over Half the Nation’s Pets are Now Overweight! “Pudgy pooches and fat cats are now the norm.” states Dr. Ernie Ward, founder and President of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP). “This is the first generation of pets that will not live as long as their parents. Even worse, the majority of today’s overweight […]

Chef Michael’s Dog Food by Purina Debuts Dinner Parties For Dogs

hef Michael’s® canine creations from Purina offers dog owners a chance to host a Chef Michael’s House Party™ .

The Cost of Feeding Raw Food To Your Pet

By Marilyn Orillion Most potential raw feeders ask, “How much will this diet cost?” The answer isn’t simple. If raw feeders buy only prepared, prepackaged raw foods, it is more expensive than preparing it at home. Buying in bulk is considerably cheaper.     The amount of raw meaty bones needed is determined by a dog’s weight […]