Are you loving your dog to death?

Over Half the Nation’s Pets are Now Overweight! “Pudgy pooches and fat cats are now the norm.” states Dr. Ernie Ward, founder and President of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP). “This is the first generation of pets that will not live as long as their parents. Even worse, the majority of today’s overweight […]

Help Charlie, a Dog Rescued From the Corridor of Cruelty

I often get posts of animals in need… I can’t help them all but when I see images of these poor dogs suffering, I can’t stand it.

A Little Wine… A Little Music, A Lot Of Art

Come and join us at The Guiton Art Crawl to promote one of our newest advertisers: Margaret Griffith!

Dogs Rule Day is October 10th!

Pedigree is promoting an international holiday for Dogs.  Dogs Rule Day is Saturday, October 10th, 2009. “If anyone deserves their own holiday, it’s dogs.  So let’s celebrate our best friends and recognize their contribution to the quality of life on earth.  All we have to do is give our own dogs a little extra love, […]

Looking For A Houston Shaggy Dog To Love? Look No More!

Shaggy Dog Rescue of Houston has been in the business of rescuing incredibly cuddly but sometimes “down on their luck” shaggy dogs for quite some time so they are naturally good at their craft. They are just the right smiling canine in a manageable compact size with a gigantic heart of love waiting to be your sidekick.

FREE Puppy Socialization At Meadowlake Pet Resort

Puppy Socialization – Free!
Every Saturday
2:00 pm
Admission is FREE!

Do you have a four-legged family member between the ages of 2 and 5 months old? Bring your little furrball to Meadowlake’s Puppy Socialization classes every Saturday at 2 pm.

Very patient teachers and supervised playtime are a healthy and safe way for pups to make new friends, which can influence their behavior and well-being for a lifetime. Meadowlake Pet Resort is offering FREE Puppy Socialization Classes to pups 5 months old and under.

Thinking of Adopting? Stop by The Canine Health Institute This Weekend

If you stop by the Canine Health Institute on Saturday, August 22nd from between 10 a m. and 3 p.m. you might just find a dog that would love so much to be part of your family. The Canine Health Institute is donating their location to host an Houston Animal Partnership Initiative adoption event. The […]

Dogs as Smart as 2-year-old Kids

This story has been all over the news, but I particularly liked this article I found on By Jeanna Bryner, Senior Writer The canine IQ test results are in: Even the average dog has the mental abilities of a 2-year-old child. The finding is based on a language development test, revealing average dogs can […]

United Animal Nations, a national non-profit animal protection group,  launched its “My Dog is Cool” Campaign to prevent dogs and other animals from dying in hot cars during warm-weather months. Every year, dogs die after being locked inside cars while their owners leave them to shop or run errands, often for “just a few minutes.” […]

Yet Another BARC Screw Up: It’s Like Groundhog Day

“Hair Balls” from the Houston Press once again reports on the insane inhumanity at BARC. The stories of abuse, death, screw-ups, cover-ups, throw-ups and so forth just continue. I can’t wait for a new Houston Mayor! Please people, be sure to vote for someone that makes Animal Welfare at least somewhere on their top ten […]