5th Annual Festival of the Wolves & Open Day

5th Annual Festival of the Wolves & Open Day

Saturday, October 2, 2010 10:00a.m. – 1:00p.m. Free to the public!

Crazy K Farm Finds Purr-Fect Way to Expand Product Line and Help Save Lives!

Crazy K Farm Finds Purr-Fect Way to Expand Product Line and Help Save Lives!

Hempstead, TX – Success comes in small packages.  For Crazy K Farm Pet and Poultry Products – that package wraps something pink and purr-fect for cats.  The Texas-based company has found a way to expand its already successful Kitty Holster line, and help save lives along the way.  The color pink will soon be available, […]

Guinea Pigs As Pets: Tips To Consider

It’s happened before: After popular movies like Marley & Me and Beverly Hills Chihuahua debut, public demand becomes huge for the movie’s featured pet stars — then after a few months, an influx of Labs and Chihuahuas are surrendered to shelters because they do not act like the well-trained movie actors.

The Disney movie G-Force, which launched last week, shows a squad of specially trained, computer-generated guinea pig spies coming to the world’s rescue. Although guinea pigs are great pets, the American Humane Association encourages people to do their research before getting a guinea pig as an impulse buy after seeing the movie.

Some facts about guinea pigs:

Llamas As Pets – What You Need To Know

By Kerri Smith

If anyone would ask me what llama’s were all about it would be two words…peace & serenity. I’m blessed to have these wonderful animals in my life, although I would never have imagined I would actually have llamas as pets (along with my 2 rottweiler’s, 3 horses, 7 cats & miniature donkey, Jeremiah).

Argentine Llamas & Their History
High in the Andes Mountains, llamas have been helping people carry their wares for thousands of years. The llama (pronounced “yama”), is a member of the camel family, and is one of the oldest domesticated animals. Their thick coats of wool and honed survival instincts enable them to thrive in one of the most extreme climates on earth.

Avian & Primate Institute Inaugural Fundraiser

On April 1, 2009, there was no “April fooling” but a whole lot of monkey business going on when the Avian and Primate Institute hosted their first fundraising event at the Ashland House Restaurant. Set in the delightful ambiance of the restaurant, complete with good food and fine service, it was a fun night and […]

Ferret Facts

  By Gail Hummel of Houston Area Ferret Association First and foremost, the Ferret is not a rat. They are members of the Mustelidae family; they are domesticated cousins to the weasel, mink, otter, skunk, and European polecat.  The Domestic Ferret  has never been a wild animal!  Ferrets are a cross of European polecats bred since around time of the pyramids.  […]

Houston Ferret Wins Major Title

Merlin pulled a trick from his hat…he took top honors of Best In Show at the Heart of Ohio Ferret Association (HOFA) Ferret Buckeye Bash Ferret Show.  It is the largest Ferret show in the US.  Never been to a ferret show? Neither have I but I bet it’s a blast!! Merlin and his other Houston compadres (Sophie […]

Americana Alpacas Open House Coming Soon

Are you curious about alpacas? These gentle, beautiful animals are great to own as pets, to make money in the Alpaca industry or simply to visit and “mingle” with the herd. Americana Alpacas in White Hall, Texas (just outside Navasota), is hosting their annual Open House on November 29th from 10am to 3pm. You can […]

Pet Boarding In Houston: An Alternative Idea!

Pet Boarding In Houston: An Alternative Idea!

It’s vacation time and you’re excited about the prospects of skiing for a week but your enthusiasm is curbed by your anxiety over what to do with your Beagle, Bailey. Pets Are Inn, a new pet care franchise in the Houston area has an innovative solution…a sleepover with a “host” family!

Pets Are Inn places pets in carefully screened, private homes where they are treated as one of the family. This home away from home allows pets to bring their favorite toys, blankets and treats to keep them comfortable while interacting with their host family.

Come vacation time, Patty Herbert dreaded asking relatives to take care of Molly, the family dog. “I hated imposing on them,” says Herbert. Herbert’s worries disappeared when she called Pets Are Inn and discovered how they carefully match pets to care-takers.

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