Henrietta’s Deepest Thoughts (Scary!)

Henrietta’s Deepest Thoughts I’m not one to brag, boast or blow my own horn (but I have occasionally been known to understate my dress size, wine consumption and negative feelings for Hollywood hypocrites) but I must tell you that my fan mail bag is bursting at the seams. Well…perhaps not bursting but there are definitely […]

Cats Are Not Small Dogs

Cats Are Not Small Dogs…Seriously! As a veterinarian, it’s advantageous to have a sense of humor to fully enjoy and appreciate the profession. If I didn’t see the humor in some of the antics of both my pet and human clients, I would miss out on the fun! I mean, really, you have to find […]

Obama Wins – I Never Have To Work Again!

I’ve never considered myself a political “animal” but I couldn’t help getting into the dogfight this election turned out to be (actually, when I think about it, all elections are dogfights. Maybe McCain should have hired Michael Vick to be his campaign manager because that’s someone that really “digs” dogfighting and has a heart of […]

Senior Pet Wellness

by Mark Siberman, DVM, Southwest Animal Clinic Safeguarding the health of your senior pet is of primary concern. Senior wellness programs allow veterinarians to help increase your pet’s lifespan through proactive preventive health care. Because many health problems cannot be identified by a physical exam, it is recommended all senior pets receive wellness screenings to […]

Sunny 99.1 Morning Show with Dana Tyson

Now hear this!  Once a  week, I will be joining morning DJ and dog lover/advocate, Dana Tyson, to discuss dog training tips and advice during her morning show on Sunny 99.1.  Podcasts of the show are available by clicking here if you miss the on-air broadcast by clicking this link.  Wow, technology is so great!  If you have […]

National Radio Show. Are you Sirius?

After two reschedules and an impending hurricane, I finally did the “Road Dog” radio show on Sirius. To review, ..this show consists of truckers and their questions about their pets. Elizabeth Walsh was a gracious host. She did well at controlling the show. People with “handles” asking typical questions made for a fun hour. ie. […]

Pets Help Parents To Raise Their Children

Being a parent is a hectic job. Adding pet ownership on top of that can sometimes feel overwhelming.