PetTalk Wildflower Contest: Part 1 Ends, Judges Voting Begins

Congratulations to “Mister Crushing” submitted by Waylon Solise for receiving the most audience votes in Houston PetTalk’s 6th Annual “Pets in the Texas Wildflowers” Photo Contest! We received an overwhelming number of entries…all gorgeous!…and the audience voted for their favorites from April 15 to April 30. The runners up in audience voting were “Chanel” submitted by Stephanie Solise and “Sprirt” submitted by Susan Papa and “Hustle”, submitted by Dianne Wood. View all of the great entries by going to and click on the Contest Button in the top right corner. Be sure to LIKE us and become a fan so you can participate in upcoming contests and our ongoing conversation with our readers.

Next, our panel of professional photographers will choose the Judges Favorite and all winners both audience favorites and judges favorites, along with honorable mentions, will be in our June issue so be sure to get your copy at one of the 1100 locations in Houston where Houston PetTalk is distributed including Petco, Walgreens and Specs.

2 Responses to PetTalk Wildflower Contest: Part 1 Ends, Judges Voting Begins

  1. Stephanie Solise

    May 5, 2012 at 11:55 am

    We are so proud of our sweet boy, Mister Cushing!! (not Crushing… Oops!)
    Cushy says thank you from the bottom of his bully heart to everyone that voted!!

    Also, we are excited that our Chanel was runner up in the audience voting!! Just shows us how loved our bullies are not just by Waylon and I… But by all of our friends and the awesome PetTalk readers!

    Fingers crossed that the judges love our Cushing as much and we and all the fans do!! Can’t wait to hear the final announcement!

  2. Lisha

    May 6, 2012 at 2:35 am

    MisterBulldog’s Mister Cushing, is the EPITOME of what a QUALITY Bulldog should look, act and be like! I know the judges will make the correct choice by choosing Mister Cushing!