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Dancing, Dogis and Dharma Workshop

March 26, 2011
The Lightfoot Way
Riveraine Apartment Complex - Garden Room
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8181 Colony, Houston, TX, United States, 77036

Dancing, Dogis & Dharma Workshops
What could be better karma than to spend a day with your dog, your best friend? Looking for a fun activity to do with your dog that will enhance your bond and illustrate the joyful relationship between you and your dog? Well, dog dancing and dog yoga are an excellent way to begin.

Dog Dancing
Dog dancing is choreographed heel work and “tricks” done as a handler/dog team to music that matches your dog’s attitude.
•Learn the discipline and the drive your dog has to move with you to music – as a team.
•If you are ready to hit the dance floor with your dog, make sure you have a good, positive relationship with your furry pal.
•Dogs must have basic obedience training and be comfortable on a leash around other dogs to attend.
•Come experience this wonderful introduction to dog dancing.

Dog Yoga
Yoga has been practiced for centuries by people all over the world. Doing yoga with your dog is very rewarding. This is a journey to explore our bodies and minds together. It is about creating a bond between you and your dog!! It is an opportunity to connect in a new way.
•Tap into this beautiful, meditative and relaxing energy with us, and increase your experience of relaxation and meditation with your dog on a higher level.
•Dogi yoga is for all dogs and those that come are welcome.
•Learn yoga moves for your dog and enjoy this spiritual experience together!

In the Dancing, Dogis and Dharma workshop you will:

•Learn the basic techniques of freestyle – exercises to keep your dog focused.
•Do hands –on heel work with your dog to gain total attention on YOU.
•Learn tricks and commands you can do with your dog forever that are FUN.
•Learn several different types of freestyle and dog yoga moves.
•Learn how to teach and train your dog at home to practice (homework).
•Practice clicker and treat training.
•Learn what tools you need to teach tricks and moves.
•Learn how to find the music that matches your dog.

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