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Reiki I for Animals Workshop

July 24, 2011
The Lightfoot Way
Kim's Farm
Houston, United States

Reiki I for People & Animals Workshops
The Lightfoot Way Reiki 1 for People must be taken before Reiki I for Animals. This is so that you totally understand and are comfortable with the techniques we teach as we build off of them in our animal class. You will also have experience using the healing energy on people before you use it in depth on the animals, which allows learning additional healing techniques for animals more easily. Please be aware that every reiki teacher is different and to be fair to everyone, they need to know the techniques we teach.
In the Reiki I workshops you will:
•Learn the Usui reiki history
•Learn the benefits of reiki I, including self-healing
•Learn about energy chakras for people and animals
•Receive the reiki I attunement
•Learn the reiki I techniques
•Learn how to use the reiki I symbols
•Learn how to do reiki on one another in the people workshop
•Learn how to do reiki on animals in the animal workshop and you can bring your animal
•You learn additional energy techniques in the animal workshop
•Learn what happens after a reiki session and attunement
•Custom made pendulums for checking energy chakras and sage for cleansing will be available for purchase.

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