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Reiki II for People and Animals Workshop

August 13, 2011
The Lightfoot Way
Galleria Area
United States

Reiki II for People and Animals Workshops
If you have taken the Reiki I workshops from us, consider taking Reiki II. There generally should be a minimum of 21 days between the time you take Reiki I for People and Reiki II (some exceptions are possible but you will need to discuss with us). In this workshop you will:

•Receive attunements that will increase your energy level
•Learn how to do reiki at a distance, sending the healing energy to any person, any animal, anywhere in the world
•Learn to work with the angels
•Learn how to check and balance chakras on people and animals
•Offer distance reiki to people and animals
•Bring photos of people and animals you would like to do distance healing work on
•Custom made pendulums for checking energy chakras and sage for cleansing will be available for purchase.

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