Looking for a fun event to enjoy with your pet or a unique fundraising venue sponsored by one of our many charities? We’ve got it all for you! Houston PetTalk has the most up-to-date calendar listings for all the important pet events around town.

To Add Your Own “One Time” Event:

1) Register to become a user by visiting the homepage and clicking register at the top.
2) Send your username to and ask for contributor status.
3) We’ll change your status, notify you and you can begin adding your own events.

Once you are a contributor, log in and click “Events” and “Add New”. Fill out pertinent information on your event.
When you have drafted your event, please email us again at and we will publish it.
Please keep word count to approximately 50 words. Images added to your post will not be published due to publishing permission rights.

For recurring adoption events, visit our Recurring Adoption Event Page

TO  ADD RECURRING ADOPTION EVENTS: The PetTalk event calendar is for one time and annual events, as opposed to monthly or weekly recurring events. If you have a recurring event that you would like posted, please email with the details and we will add you to our Recurring Adoptions List. Thank you!!