Skippy the Scnhauzer for Adoption

IMG_4273Skippy has been in rescue for almost 2 years, he is 8 years old, 18 lb. mini.  He has been treated for a back injury and is on some on-going maintenance drugs for a thyroid condition.   We would recommend him as an only dog, though he does get along with others, he is more of an alpha.  Do not recommend him around children.

Visit for more information on adopting a Miniature Schnauzer today!

One Response to Skippy the Scnhauzer for Adoption

  1. Melissa

    July 10, 2013 at 1:50 pm

    Hi Rebecca!

    Thank you for bringing awareness to Skippy, he’s a gorgeous Miniature Schnauzer. =)

    Through July 22 we are campaigning for Friends For Life of Houston where their vision is that “shelters will live up to their duty to be transformative beacons illuminating a future of kinship with all life.” FFL does just that, taking in cats and dogs of all kind, showing them love and compassion, and finding people and pets their forever friends through adoption.

    We can use all the kind words willing to be shared in lending a helping hand.

    Keep up the wonderful contributions!