Donations: Neglected Horse


62e73454-c859-4243-ac7b-c766060c9b76_profileWhen I first saw this horse I’m calling Freedom (he has no name but Freedom is what I want him to have so I think that’s a good name for him!), I knew I wanted to help him. He was seized by a local shelter in an abuse and neglect case. The shelter staff said it was some of the most deplorable conditions they have ever seen. He was seized along with some other animals, including a puppy that had mange so severely it’s hard to look at the photo. The owner had not even been home for days so the animals were malnourished, starving, in need of medical attention for skin issues and host of other problems.  No animal deserves a life like that and thankfully, this group of animals was saved by the shelter. Freedom is living at the shelter and slowly gaining some weight but he needs a forever home and I have found a plan for him but it will take some financial help. The shelter is doing what they can but they can only give him the basics. I have found a local trainer who is known for her gentle approach who is willing to take him for 6 months and help him recover both physically and emotionally. That gives me 6 months to find him a forever home which I know I can do once many of his issues are resolved. He needs to be gelded, his feet are very much in need of a farrier and the longer they remain untouched, the bigger the risk of issues or damage occurring; he needs chiropractic care, a feeding program to address his past malnourishment plus much more. I have spent time with him at the shelter and he is really sweet but I also feel his sadness. I told him I have a plan and together, with my friends and fellow animal stewards, we are going to give him a better life. Any amount you can give will be another step toward his new beginning of Freedom!

Please click here to donate if you can on his funding campaign and share with others. Any amount would be greatly appreciated!

2 Responses to Donations: Neglected Horse

  1. diane simpson

    August 23, 2016 at 9:51 pm

    In Waller Tx is a truly solid holistic horse healer. Her name is Cassie Schuster. Please look her up. She could be of great assistance as far as nutrition amd emotional healing goes. She has a big heart and has done things that TX A&M couldnt do.
    I have worked with many animals that have been abused or neglected…will the rescue group let me spend time with or just groom him to lift his spirit and get him to trust?

  2. M.D. Walton

    August 30, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    I have just read for the first time your Houston Pet Talk magazine I found in the lobby where I work. It is one of the best I have read. The articles are wonderful and all the pictures are great. I have dogs, cats, a horse and an African frog. With out animals in my life I would be very unhappy.

    I am looking forward to your October magazine. I have lived in Houston all my life and will be 76 in November and still working to be able to keep my animals as happy as I can.

    Thank you again for such a wonderful job and keep up the good work!