New Houston Boarding Solution: Happy Dogs Daycare And Inn

Donna and Jim Smith couldn’t find a boarding environment they wanted for their dogs, so they created their own solution in Houston: Happy Dogs Daycare and Inn.  A home-based environment that caters to small dogs whose owners are uncomfortable leaving them in a traditional kennel, Happy Dogs is a great alternative offering the feeling of “home”.  Now you can go out of town feeling comfortably assured that your fur baby will receive excellent care and personal attention in a home environment filled with fun and frolic.

Small dogs that are potty trained, people friendly, dog friendly and non-destructive are welcome to be a part of the pack while you’re gone.   There’s plenty of room for them to romp around in a huge fenced-in yard when they need a break from hanging out in the house.  This is just like being at home, and maybe better.  Call 832-475-5888 for more information or visit the website at

One Response to New Houston Boarding Solution: Happy Dogs Daycare And Inn


    September 6, 2015 at 4:45 pm

    We have a 9.5 lbs. male Terrier named Gizmo. He lives inside our home and is ocassionally kenneled. Does not have any misbehavioral problems just pampered and playful. He does not have much of a dog association except when visiting daughter with 2 other dogs (not very often).

    What are the particulars in lodging for 2 days including cost?