Cats & Dogs are Different When it Comes to a Natural Approach

There are a number of ways that make cats and dogs very different when it comes to a natural approach.

  • Cats are carnivores and dogs are omnivores.  Both need moisture in their diets but cats more so.  You should always use muscle testing to find the appropriate diet for your dog or cat.   A 100% dry diet has never muscle tested for any of our own animals or those of a client.  Sometimes a dry and wet diet will be the best though.  When you do feed dry, make sure you wet the food to add moisture to it.  Cats tend to do best on a raw or all canned diet.  For dogs, it could be a raw, all wet, or dry/wet combo.  We offer free consultations to help find the right diet for your dog or cat.
  • When it comes to mobility, cats tend to age more gracefully than dogs.  Many dogs can benefit from joint supplements.  Many cats are still capable of jumping onto countertops, etc., in their late teens and twenties.  Dogs on the other hand tend to need some form of joint supplement especially as they age.  And if they are a larger dog, they may need a supplement sooner than later.  MSM, glucosamine (sulfate & HCl) and chondroitin sulfate are popular supplements.  However if you do not give the right supplement along with the proper amount, then you are wasting your money.  The key once again is muscle testing. 
  • While some dogs are sensitive to aromatherapy, oils should not be used on cats as this can be harmful.  Just because an oil is 100% therapeutic does NOT mean your pet will not have a reaction to it.  You should always test a spot on your dog before applying more.  Just as sensitivities to chemical flea products, some dogs have extreme reactions that can put them into a lethargic state or worse.  And as for cats, their livers do not process the oils properly.  For some cats, one drop can be harmful.  Hydrosols are better option for cats and can even be for small dogs.
  • Most dogs appreciate a good massage.  Most cats won’t sit still long enough for you to find out.  But if you do learn canine massage and have a tolerant cat, the same techniques used on a dog can be used on your cat.
  • Cats tend to like the energy from power sources, underground water and even negative people.  Dogs tend to be the opposite.  If your dog stops during a walk and you can’t figure out why, look around.  Are you near a high power source?  If so, try to avoid it.  Don’t get upset with your dog because they are sensitive to the high energy.  Be aware that it can affect their body physically.
  • Dogs tend to be easier to train than cats but they also tend to be better communicators.  A dog usually says what’s on its mind and some aloof cats think “mind your own business.”  While everyone is capable of learning how to communicate with animals, most people tend to learn better when talking to dogs in the beginning.  It all depends on the cat’s personality.  Cats can be very good communicators but if the cat is aloof, then most likely that will come across when you talk to them.

Learning the simple differences will help you to provide a better natural approach with your dog or cat.



4 Responses to Cats & Dogs are Different When it Comes to a Natural Approach

  1. Greg from Joint Supplement for Dogs

    September 4, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    In some cases, dogs may need to take other prescribed medicines along with the joint supplements. Before you give your dog any combination of drugs and/or supplements, you should consult with its vet to make sure that they are safe to be ingested together.

  2. lightfootway

    September 5, 2010 at 11:06 pm

    Some times dogs will need medications in their life. In general, joint supplements such as glucosamine and chondrotiin are not known to interfere with medications. I know of no documentation showing any concerns. However, herbal supplements one does have to be very careful with. Seek a vet that is knowledgeable and supportive of natural remedies so that you only have to give medications when absolutely necessary. Kim

  3. Joanne Curtis

    June 3, 2011 at 5:30 pm


    Cats, due tend to need their own space more, I agree. Cats, can be very snobbish and not want to be bothered. I recently purchased a cat tree for my cat, she loves it. Now, she scratches on the posts of the cat tower, instead of my furniture.
    Like you said, most dogs love to be cuddled. They especially like their bellies rubbed. What I like, is when a big dog decides he wants to be a lap dog. You didn’t mention pet strollers and how great they can be, for an older dog who no longer can walk as far. Plus the pet stroller is a more relaxing walk, because your dog can’t stop 2 minutes to designate his territory. You can even put your kitty in the stroller.

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  4. Raquel

    October 20, 2011 at 6:03 pm