Henrietta Says “Vote Today Houston”!


Henrietta Wants You To Vote!

Henrietta Wants You To Vote!

I am posting this blog while waiting in line to vote. I’ve been to Starbarks and have my Double Tall “Skinny” Vanilla Latte and I can’t wait to get in that voting booth! It will be my first time to exercise the greatest freedom known to man, the freedom to decide (You only have to be 18 in dog years to vote in case you were wondering). 


Now, for this big occasion I didn’t know what to wear but settled on my Ruff Lauren denim jacket with the American flag embroidered on the back. Apropos for the event I thought! After meeting the necessities in life (Latte and Wardrobe), I’m ready to rock. Look for me on the news…I shouldn’t be hard to miss…I’ll be the only Hound Dog wearing a Ruff Lauren jacket standing in line to vote!

PS…make sure you do the same!!