Houston Dog Ranch & The Family Language

The Houston Dog Ranch has partnered with Matt Bryant, the Texas Dogfather, to revolutionize dog care in Texas. After decades in the field observing and working with thousands of dogs, Matt developed the science-backed Family Language™ and has now brought it to Houston.  Here is how Houston Dog Ranch introduces The Family Language.

Describing this new methodology at The Houston Dog Ranch, Matt notes, “The Family Language™ teaches us how to understand and effectively communicate with our dogs in order to lead a fulfilling life with our four-legged friends.” The Family Language™ is geared toward transforming The Houston Dog Ranch into a dog paradise.  For training, this means a rewarding journey and effective results without the use of harsh techniques.  For boarding, this means a home away from home, where your dog is always safe and comfortable.  For daycare, this means a socially cohesive group of friends for a fun and satisfying day.  

Known for their beautiful facility and expertly-trained staff, The Houston Dog Ranch is once again pushing forward in the industry to bring Houston dog owners quality services. “We invite anyone who would like to learn more about the Family Language™ to stop by and see the method in action”, notes Matt. 

The facility is replete with ranch-style cabins for boarding, multiple fenced play-yards, lots of space to romp and play and they even have a bone-shaped wading pool available for rental on those hot Houston days! Give them a call at 713-465-2275 or contact them via email at: info@houstondogranch.com.