Lost Houston Dogs Cannot Be Claimed By Owner – Please Microchip Your Pets

http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=news/consumer&id=7580298 the link also shows the video clip on the news

TEXAS CITY, TX (KTRK) —┬áLosing a pet can be a traumatic experience, but one Houston woman says after her dogs turned up at a rescue facility things did not get any better.

The facility is not giving the dogs back to the owner, and even adopted one of the animals to someone else. The dogs got out of a back yard on July 2. Two weeks later the owner found them on the Internet, but the rescue shelter that has the dogs is not giving them back.

When Daisy Garza’s German Shepherds escaped from her back yard she says she looked everywhere for them. “Put ads online, Facebook, SPCA, Pet Harbor, the Green Sheet as well,” she said.

After two weeks, Garza says she managed to locate Nikki and Zeus on a lost pet web site and learned they were at Whiskerville Animal Sanctuary in Texas City. So Garza called the facility.

Garza said, “She said that due to her having them way too long she could not give them to just someone who claimed she lost a dog.”)) Garza says she then went to Whiskerville with a Texas City police officer in tow to get her dogs back.

She said, “I offered to pay the adoption fee, any housing fee, for the vaccinations and whatnot and she refused. She told us to leave her place.”

Garza says because she already has two other dogs, she could not adopt both her German Shepherds back, so she applied to adopt Zeus, the German Shepherd Garza has had for four years.

We called the owner of Whiskerville Pet Sanctuary and asked why the dogs could not be returned to Garza. Owner Wydell Dixon said the lost dogs had no tags and no way to track down the owner. Whiskerville’s owner also says she spayed one of the German Shepherds and got shots for the dogs. She says the $325 per dog adoption fee stands. Dixon went on to say it is her decision alone on who to adopt a dog to.

KTRK Legal Analyst Joel Androphy said, “The problem here is that if you lose a dog and the shelter picks up a dog, it is the identification of the dog to begin with.”

Androphy says because the dogs did not have collars when they were found, they are considered strays.

“If they are strays, we’ll take care of them, they are not destroying the strays,” Androphy said. “They are taking care of them, putting them up for adoption so they are doing the humane thing.”

A note about the German Shepherds in this story — one has been adopted out, another is close to being adopted.

We talked to state officials about this situation, and they say there are no state laws that apply to giving back a dog to someone if the identification is in doubt. Shelters do have to comply with state laws, but there are no state licenses for them. If the dog has a tag or a tracking chip, you can prove ownership. Without those tags, we are told it becomes a civil matter and the courts will have to decide

4 Responses to Lost Houston Dogs Cannot Be Claimed By Owner – Please Microchip Your Pets

  1. Balexa

    August 4, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    The owner lost two dogs (with no tags or chips), but only wants one of them back? How much did she really want these two in the first place? She lost them with no collars and no chips. These two are lucky Whiskerville found them and took them in responsibly. They are now spayed, chipped, and have their shots and will hopefully go to a better home than it sounds like they had before.

  2. Shirley Stephenson

    August 11, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    I agree with Balexa. The dogs could have easily been killed by a car or picked up by Animal Control. Because Animal Control is so very overloaded they will only hold them for the required minimal time before they euthanize them. They cannot hold on to dogs/cats forever because there are so many dogs/cats coming in every day. These dogs were so very lucky to even be accepted into Whiskerville and to be completely vetted so they could be adopted. Vetting one dog costs lots of money. Dogs should be kept inside while no one is home in this heat.

  3. Wydell Dixon

    August 11, 2010 at 3:51 pm

    My name is Wydell Dixon and I run Whiskerville Animal Sanctuary. I see that KTRK (as well as Daisy Garza) has put words in my mouth, not to mention KTRK has a biased and unprofessional news team.
    I have learned so much from this unfortunate experience and am deeply saddened that Channel 13 News and Daisy Garza may have just sewed up my decision to limit our help to the cats in our care. Had it not been for Whiskerville, these two dogs would most likely be dead due to their “bereaved owner” leaving them in a backyard in the extreme heat. Seems like someone would ask her how her dogs traveled from her home on the EAST side of Beltway 8 & I45 to the EAST side by Ellington in the first place!
    KTRK’s reporting is inaccurate as is Daisy Garza’s “claim”.
    Quite frankly, my platter is full enough without having to care for irresponsible pet owner’s dogs as well!

  4. Wydell Dixon

    August 11, 2010 at 3:55 pm

    OOPS! That should be “the WEST side by Ellington”!