June Adopt-a-Cat Month!

Approximately 4 million cats end up in shelters every year. American Humane Association and CATalyst Council celebrate Adopt-A-Cat Month® each June to promote adoptions of these fun, affectionate pets. VCA is partnering with the CATalyst Council and the American Humane Society for Adopt-a-Cat Month in June to get people excited about adopting cats! We want […]

Dog Days of Summer In Kitty City

BARC was designed to house 550 animals and we have 1047, so if you have been thinking about adding a new pet to your family NOW is the time. We have a variety of pets and they all need a place to call HOME. We have small pets for the kid at heart; big pets […]

The Animal Campus at Gragg Park Campaign Kick-Off Reception

On April 27, 2010, a wine and cheese reception kicked off the $10-million capital campaign to build The Animal Campus at Gragg Park. The reception took place in the historic Houston Parks and Recreation Department headquarters located at 2999 South Wayside Drive, directly across from Gragg Park, the future site of The Animal Campus. Campaign […]

Houston’s BARC Needs Help: Too Many Animals

The Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care (BARC) has experienced a drastic increase in the number of animals turned into the shelter in the previous two weeks. The average daily intake over this period is approximately 100 animals, and the average number of animals in residence per day is 720.

On April 15, BARC experienced a total animal intake of 184 animals. The number of animals in residence as of this morning is 878. This population level is absolutely unsustainable. The BARC facility was designed to shelter 600 animals, and existing foster and rescue networks are at capacity as well.

Houston City’s Proposed Site For New Animal Facility: A Very Bad Choice

City of Houston’s planned pet adoption facility will mean death to many animals in many ways by Bett Sundermeyer, No Kill Houston
The city of Houston recently announced plans to build an “animal campus”, including a 30,000 square foot pet adoption facility, at Gragg Park (2999 S. Wayside).

Do You Want To Help BARC? Volunteers Needed For Committees

Volunteers needed on 7 new committees formed to help City pound.

Interview on No Kill With Nathan Winograd

  Nathan Winograd, author of Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation & The No Kill Revolution in America, recently visited Houston on March 28 to conduct a seminar about the No Kill revolution. Nathan sat down with activist Bett Sundermeyer to share his thoughts with Houston PetTalk readers. This in an excerpt of the interview. […]

BARC Is An Embarrassment To Our City

Houston’s animal control department, referred to as BARC (Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care), is in such shambles that it’s a total embarassment and black eye on this city! To call it animal “care” is a gross misrepresentation. It’s a display of poor leadership, incompetent management and for sure it is a poor-sighted political approach. If Mayor White cannot even run the “dog-catcher” department with minimal success, how does he think he can be a U.S. Senator for the great state of Texas?

BARC has been recognized as an extreme failure in Houston for decades. Mayor White had a chance to change the negligence and inhumane actions of this department but he has proven he is incapable. He and his team have allowed BARC to continue killing the large majority of adoptable animals brought into the shelter, they have maintained a staff at BARC that has been proven to be incompetent through their history of infractions against animals (as reported in the Houston Chronicle and Houston Press), they have done nothing about allegations of animal abuse, they have done nothing to utilize the efforts of many citizens that have stepped up to help BARC through an organized group called Friends of BARC and they have done nothing to improve the poor facility that houses the animals.