Houston Pet Rescue Volunteer Needs Kidney. Please Help This Saturday!

By: Jeannice Cain, HPPL

untitled1Kenny Waymire has helped several rescue groups in the Houston area.  With the Zeke Fund, he coordinated improvements to the City pound.  His wife, Karin, was one of the original founders of the Zeke Fund.  Now with E-rescue Houston, they continue their passion helping the four legged ones, along with volunteering for the Homeless Pet Placement League.

As if that is not enough, they have rescued their golden retrievers too!

Kenny Waymire, a resident of Spring, Texas is beginning the next journey of his life.  He is facing dialysis treatments and ultimately, a kidney transplant.  Kenny does not have medical insurance because he is uninsurable, so family and friends are planning a fundraiser to help off set his medical expenses.

 This Saturday, June 6th we are having a HUGE garage sale in Spring Branch, West Houston to help raise funds!  Please come out and shop!!  8923 Friendship Rd. Houston 77080    Call 832-638-6786 or you can donate online at www.kidney4kenny.webs.com  Thank You VERY MUCH!!

And Woof Woofs from Chelsea, Honey and Kwincy!!



One Response to Houston Pet Rescue Volunteer Needs Kidney. Please Help This Saturday!


    March 6, 2015 at 2:34 am

    I read this story today, March 6, 2015. It is very heart-warming to learn that #kennywaymire has done so much for dog rescue.

    Much respect and admiration to the Waymires.

    It was also great to read that Karin Waymire is one of the original founders of Zeke Fund. Would love to have the history for archival purposes. Can someone contact me?

    Phone: 832-969-0608.