WTF? Says Houston Press On Chronicle’s Latest BARC Article

henriettaunclesam300I absolutely love the point Hair Balls has made in his blog about today’s Houston Chronicle article titled “Can BARC Chief Pull Off A Miracle”. Here is his point:

“If you heard what sounded like a sonic boom this morning, it was the thunderclap of Hair Balls’s head exploding. And why would that be? Because one of the nation’s biggest newspapers — the daily for the fourth-largest city in the country — allowed a columnist to print the bizarre evangelical ramblings of a private consultant who was hired in secret to do the work that the director of Health and Human Services should have been doing over the last five years”. (Click here for the rest of Hair Balls article).

Yes, that’s right. We are paying a “consultant” to do what our tax dollars were ALREADY paying our government to do. Again..please exercise your vote for Mayor and city council members this November!! Do your homework and hold the elected officials to their campaign promises. The October issue of Houston PetTalk will feature the Mayoral candidates. Due to space, we cannot ask everything we would like to know from the candidates nor do we have space for lengthy answers, but we will have continued dialogue on the website. We also do not have space to feature City Council candidates but we invite them to send us their views on animal issues in Houston and we will gladly put them on our site. But you must find out their views and plans BEFORE you go to the polls.

The only way to move forward, it seems, on issues such as BARC, the Corridor of Cruelty, Dog Fighting and more is to elect a group of people that are leaders and care about the issue. They must have a vision for correcting the problems and a personal interest in the subject. I’ve given up hope on the current crew who has never been steering the ship when it comes to our city’s challenges for animal control, illegal fighting, etc….so let’s make sure we get a captain that cares come November.

Michelle Mantor
Editor, Houston PetTalk Magazine

2 Responses to WTF? Says Houston Press On Chronicle’s Latest BARC Article

  1. No Kill Houston

    August 12, 2009 at 3:14 pm

    I agree. We MUST vote for candidates who represent our values. People who care about animals’ lives and welfare represent a large constituency. We could have a huge influence on who is in the Mayor and all city council (and Texas Senate) seats in a few months. A few city council are just now starting to see that and are starting to pay attention. But, we must hold their feet to the fire. We are sick and tired of just talk and no action. We must have positive movement at BARC now, not after election day. What these people do (or don’t do) between now and election day should guide us all on how we vote.

  2. Frangelica

    August 12, 2009 at 4:05 pm

    Excellent points made in this article. Most of us are tired of the lack of action by the city on improving BARC. It is time to get rid of the city leaders that have turned a blind eye to this issue or still do not seem to get it! Actions speak louder than words – remember that when you go to the polls.

    It is time to elect people that have compassionate values and who genuinely care about animals. Time to get rid of elected officials and city management that use your tax dollars to make their life easier at everyone else’s expense. It is time to vote for the candidates that know what true “No Kill” really is and actively will work to make Houston a safe “No Kill” city for the animal’s sake.