2009 Dog Calendars

It’s that time again!  Calendars.  In this day of Blackberrys and IPhones, give me a good old fashioned wall calendar, any day. I love them and I love choosing my new calendar every year.  Naturally, I go for some kind of dog themed calendar and there are always plenty to choose from.  It seems like […]

Rosie (Cleo) has found her forever home!

Rosie has been adopted! I could not be more thrilled to pass on the news that Rosie has a new daddy and a beautiful new name (Cleopatra or Cleo). Thank you so much to everyone who passed around the blog helping in the search for Cleo’s forever home. Her new home is perfect for her. […]

Pet Food Question

Why is that we dogs and cats have to eat dry, boring, processed pellets called “food” all the while our humans are sitting down to sizzling steaks, juicy burgers, tasty casseroles and yummy rotisserie baked chickens? And, right in front of our noses I might add!

Adopt A Pet – ReCycle!

My personal commitment to shelter adoption began with Tiny, a six-year-old poodle, sitting quietly in the midst of a bustle of energetic

Who’s Watching Your Baby?

by Michelle Mantor One of the biggest concerns for pet owners is what to do with their “baby” if they need to travel without their pet or if they are gone from the house for long periods due to work. It’s really no fun to go on vacation and worry if your dog is going […]