Housetraining An Older Dog

Housetraining An Older Dog

Have you ever had a house training problem — ¬†with a 3-year-old dog? As you know, a 3-year-old dog is old enough to be house trained – in fact you probably went through house training earlier as a puppy (i.e., 3 months of age). Well now that puppy is a 3-year-old dog, and you find […]

Dog Behavior: What Not To Do With An Anxious Dog

When dogs are anxious, many people innocently begin to try to calm or soothe them by petting their dog. Although this may seem the proper reaction, it actually enforces the anxiety. Your words, voice and attention actually make the dog feel that being anxious is okay. So, how do you avoid this, and help your […]

Petiquette With Jim Burwell: Dealing With Dog Aggression While Walking on a Leash

Over the years many clients have initially come to me because of dog aggression when walking on a leash. Interestingly, many of these dogs were not, in fact, aggressive – their behavior was simply a result of the dog perceiving the owner’s anxiety. The first step in curbing any negative behavior in dogs is dog training, and lots of it.