Pigs at BARC? Why, yes…And They’re Wearing Lipstick!

This article is written by Nicole Sica, Examiner.com

Some of you may have heard that Stephen Williams, Director of the Department of Health and Human Services which oversees BARC, has mentioned the fact that he thinks Winograd’s “snapshot” services, paid for by community donations, can be better used.

Instead of an overall assessment as to why BARC is broken, he thinks Winograd should just provide a training session instead. According to Williams, he has had an impressively named “Incident Command Team” at BARC for weeks and weeks now, and they have it all figured out why BARC can’t get right.

Well, here’s my experience with the kick ass Incident Command Team.

A couple weeks ago, I decided to foster a black momma cat and her 6 kittens. Everything was arranged just so, but the morning momma and babies were to come home – Bam! Dr. O kills the momma.

BARC Is Overloaded With Cats/Kittens & Needs Help

A Letter From Bett Sundermeyer,


BARC (Houston ‘s animal control or city pound) is overflowing with cats/kittens (it is kitten season). Euthanasia is at an alarming rate to make room for more. You can help stop this by fostering a cat or litter. BARC doesn’t want to keep litters because it takes several weeks for them to be big enough to spay/neuter and adopt out.

Your bathroom or laundry room could save lots of tiny lives. If it’s a nursing litter, the momma cat will do most of the work. All you need to provide is a safe spot and some food and water.

BARC Update By Houston PetTalk Reader Bett Sundermeyer

  After much public outrage, letters, faxes and emails over an “interim measure” which prohibited the transfer of previously quarantined, safe, bite and scratch case animals, Barbara Sudhoff, interim Bureau Chief at BARC again changed the policy to once more allow these animals to be transferred to rescue groups.  In addition, these animals will now be […]

BARC Is An Embarrassment To Our City

Houston’s animal control department, referred to as BARC (Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care), is in such shambles that it’s a total embarassment and black eye on this city! To call it animal “care” is a gross misrepresentation. It’s a display of poor leadership, incompetent management and for sure it is a poor-sighted political approach. If Mayor White cannot even run the “dog-catcher” department with minimal success, how does he think he can be a U.S. Senator for the great state of Texas?

BARC has been recognized as an extreme failure in Houston for decades. Mayor White had a chance to change the negligence and inhumane actions of this department but he has proven he is incapable. He and his team have allowed BARC to continue killing the large majority of adoptable animals brought into the shelter, they have maintained a staff at BARC that has been proven to be incompetent through their history of infractions against animals (as reported in the Houston Chronicle and Houston Press), they have done nothing about allegations of animal abuse, they have done nothing to utilize the efforts of many citizens that have stepped up to help BARC through an organized group called Friends of BARC and they have done nothing to improve the poor facility that houses the animals.

Houston’s No Kill Assessment Yet To Be Completed

30,000 animals per year continue to be killed at BARC (Houston’s City Pound). Why?

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