Your Dog Can Feel Like a Show Dog, Naturally!

Your Dog Can Feel Like a Show Dog, Naturally!

You can pamper your dog just like the show dogs. No need for your dog to have to compete for a blue ribbon in order to participate in the sports and activities you see at the Dog Show. Have fun with your dog all year around using holisitc methods to keep Fido in tip top shape while building […]

Help Your Dog’s Mobility Issues with the Right Diet And Natural Methods

Dogs of all ages can have mobility issues from conditions such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, muscle weakness and injury.  There are many natural ways that may be beneficial.  Remember the key is to muscle test to find out what is best for your dog.  Instead of trial and error which equates lost time and money, […]

Help Your Athletic Dog the Natural Way!

Have an athletic dog?  There are many natural ways to help keep them fit and sound. Canine massage is great for keeping those muscles in shape whether your dog is a performance dog or not. It is easy to learn and can help take seconds off of the clock for agility and fly ball dogs. […]

Funny Pet Photo Of The Day!

Summer, as she is appropriately called, loves “hot stone therapy” according to mom, Diane Mattly. Yesterday, summer refused to come indoors until she was given her canine massage…quite spoiled and quite funny! Thanks for sharing Diane!

Canine Health Institute of Houston To Offer Dog Massage at PetFest to Benefit Canine Cancer

The facts are clear, cancer is the #1 cause of death in dogs. Join CHI at Pet Fest to learn more.