5 Must-Have Dog Supplies To Reward Your Dog

5 Must-Have Dog Supplies To Reward Your Dog

Dogs are like children. They have to be rewarded when they follow instructions well and learn what is being taught to them. When they come to realize that their good behaviour and obedience is going to earn them treats, you will be able to train them faster. Given below are 5 discount dog supplies a […]

Trick Training

Trick training is a really fun way to build your bond with your dog and keep her mentally and physically stimulated.

Check out these trick training tips!

Dog Training Deconstructed

Dog Training Deconstructed by Michelle Mantor Whether you have a new puppy or a dog that has owned you for awhile, training may likely be on your mind because it is noted as one of the top concerns (along with nutrition) of pet owners. From house soiling to jumping on guests or not coming when […]