Tennis Match Helps Houston’s Corridor of Cruelty

Tennis Match Helps Houston’s Corridor of Cruelty

  Story submitted by Mark Price   On Sunday, February 3rd, at Rice University on Court 1, 7th grade student and rising tennis star Joey Urso annihilated his hopelessly over-matched former English teacher, Mark Price, and in the process helped raise over $4500.00 for abused and abandoned animals. This tennis event to help animals in Houston’s notorious Corridor of […]

Another Great Story From Houston’s Corridor of Cruelty – A Big Thank You To Those Saving These Animals!

This is a letter regarding Deborah Hoffman, founder of Corridor Rescue, a rescue group that saves abandoned and sick animals from an area of Houston dubbed The Corridor of Cruelty. Deborah and her team of volunteers, veterinarians, etc. save many injured animals that have suffered greatly. What a blessing to have such big hearts in our community. If you can possibly help them, they would love the assistance!!

This story is written by Cindi Hohle.

I LOVE a story, so here goes…..your “feel good” story to start off the week. After meeting this terrified Border Collie at BARC on Thursday evening, and seeing him curl up his lip, it seemed there might be no hope for him. But after hearing of his traumatic capture that day, including a wild chase and being darted, I thought he deserved another look, as did others.

Houston Shaggy Dog Rescue and Corridor of Cruelty Adoptions

Kathy Wetmore of Shaggy Dog Rescue helps another abandoned dog from Houston’s Corridor of Cruelty. Plymouth is a beautiful dog, very sweet and overall good tempered. He is neutered, micro chipped and had all of his shots and is doing great. Visit Shaggy Dog Rescue and Corridor of Cruelty for other furry friends in similar […]

A Happy Ending For “Charlie” From Corridor of Cruelty! by Deborah Hoffman

Corridor Rescue helps Charlie Bear finds a family! Well, its official! Linda is adopting Charlie Bear ….previously known as the Corridor Trash Pile Dog, and now known affectionately as Wolfie. Charlie has been with Linda for about 5 weeks now and we were giving them plenty of time to settle in together and with the […]

Houston’s Deborah Hoffman Honored As A CNN Hero

One of Houston’s own, a hard-working and dedicated animal advocate, Deborah Hoffman was honored on CNN Heroes segment Thursday evening, July 15. Deborah works tirelessley to save abused and abandoned animals in an area of Houston dubbed “Corridor of Cruelty” near Hwy 59 and W. Little York. The animals found roaming in this area have […]

Officials Craft Plan to Target Animal Cruelty

By: Sally MacDonald

Crime Stoppers has a new plan to put a dent in a crime that law
enforcement says is increasing in Harris County.

On Wednesday they announced the second annual animal cruelty and
anti-dog fighting campaign.

Investigators are targeting a quarter mile area east of U.S. 59 off of
West Little York known as the “Corridor of Cruelty.”

It’s one of the saddest locations in all of Houston that’s been
frustrating officers and animal lovers for more than a year.

People come there to dump unwanted animals.

“It is a crime to dump live animals,” said Belinda Smith, Harris County
Assistant District Attorney.

WTF? Says Houston Press On Chronicle’s Latest BARC Article

I absolutely love the point Hair Balls has made in his blog about today’s Houston Chronicle article titled “Can BARC Chief Pull Off A Miracle”. Here is his point:

“If you heard what sounded like a sonic boom this morning, it was the thunderclap of Hair Balls’s head exploding. And why would that be? Because one of the nation’s biggest newspapers — the daily for the fourth-largest city in the country — allowed a columnist to print the bizarre evangelical ramblings of a private consultant who was hired in secret to do the work that the director of Health and Human Services should have been doing over the last five years”.

Yes, that’s right. We are paying a “consultant” to do what our tax dollars were ALREADY paying our government to do. Again..please exercise your vote for Mayor and city council members this November!!

“Corridor of Cruelty” Stray Animal Update

Do you want to watch a video that will make your heart proud of Houstonians working to give neglected animals a better life? Read and watch!

SNAP To Provide FREE Spay & Neuter To “Corridor of Cruelty”

SNAP to provide free sterilization to “Corridor of Cruelty”, the area east of highway 59 and Little York.