5 Easy Steps To Improve Your Dog Walks

5 Easy Steps To Improve Your Dog Walks

Problems during walks are among the most common complaints I hear from dog owners. But the thing that they all have in common is that most dog walking problems are casued by what I call BOHS, or Bad Owner Handling Skills. This occurs when owners communicate the wrong thing to their dogs by keeping their […]

Your Dog Training Questions: My Dogs Fight

Your Dog Training Questions: My Dogs Fight

Jim, My dogs — brothers rescued from BARC — fight. No serious injuries (yet) but I’m worried I won’t be able to handle the fight one of these days. How can I get them to stop? – Martin, via e-mail My Answer: The problem of sibling rivalry is something I have addressed on this blog […]

Dog Aggression? Nuisance Barking? Complex Dog Behavior Problems Do Take Time

Dog Aggression? Nuisance Barking? Complex Dog Behavior Problems Do Take Time

While our dogs do give us love and companionship, that relationship can sometimes become blemished by behavior problems such as aggression or out of control nuisance barking. In some cases it gradually gets worse as the dog owner watches or puts up with it thinking it will go away. Other times it is more sudden, […]

Dog Behavior: How To Recognize And Reduce Holiday Stress For Your Dog

By Jim Burwell of Jim Burwell’s Petiquette Dog
Overeating, strange relatives, no time to exercise, traveling… and that’s just what your dog is dealing with during the holidays. It’s no surprise that many of the things that cause us stress at this time of year also have an effect on our dogs. Now is the time to observe your dog for signs of stress and take extra care to reduce his stress this month. First, what are some of the behaviors a stressed-out dog will display?

Your Puppy Training Questions: We Want A Puppy For Christmas!

Your Question: Jim, My kids are in the middle of a campaign called We Want A Puppy For Christmas! I have to admit I am secretly rooting for them, but I’m not sure they are ready. They are 7 and 9. What do you think about giving a puppy to children as a gift? – […]

Your Dog Training Questions: My Dog Takes ME For A Walk

Your Question: Jim, I have a very rowdy Lab mix who seems impossible to walk. She pulls me down the street, almost at a run. I have given up walking for way too long now and she’s got a new hobby – digging in the yard. I know I should walk her, but what can […]

The Best Gift You Can Give Your Dog Today.

A new fancy bed?  A couple of the newest, trendiest doggie toys?  Maybe her very own sundress custom made just for her?  Forget it.  That kind of material stuff may make us humans happy, but honestly,  your dog could care less. The very best gift you can give your dog today is a walk.  That’s […]

Petiquette With Jim Burwell: Training Your Dog To Sit

You can train your dog to sit relatively easily. The sit command is one of the best commands to master with your dog as it can be used to solve a lot of minor behavior issues with your dog. If your dog is trained to give you a sit, when he is sitting he is then unable to do inappropriate behaviors such as jumping.

It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3 to Train Your Pet Naturally!

I’m adding to the information that was provided in the March Natural Pet Tips featured in this month’s issue of the Houston Pet Talk magazine.

You can take your training to a new level with natural methods. These are things anyone can do so give them a try. Even if it is new to you, your pet may really appreciate you for it.