GreenBullDog.Com: Local Biz Has Super Green Pet Products!

GreenBuldogCommercial (click here to watch commercial) is a local Houston manufacturer of green products for pets. As one of our sponsors at Houston PetTalk, we wanted to introduce you to their products as well as let you know where you can purchase these eco-friendly, effective shampoos, bug repellent, skin salve (my vet loves this […]

GreenBulldog’s Eco-Friendly Premium Pet Shampoo!

GreenBulldog Pet Products is located in Texas and is committed to providing the highest quality pet care products made from the highest quality ingredients. Our GreenBulldogT Eco-Friendly Premium Pet Shampoo is made with certified organic tea tree oil, certified organic aloe vera and certified organic eucalyptus oil, plus 15 other certified organic ingredients as well […]