Henrietta’s Cousin Helmut Rapping His Trump Song: Jan 2017 Issue

Henrietta’s Cousin Helmut Rapping His Trump Song: Jan 2017 Issue

Houston PetTalk’s mascot, Henrietta, feels the BURN of having an errant cousin in her ancestry. Her previously undisclosed cousin Helmut, raps his Donald Trump jive. For the FULL story, check out Henrietta’s column in the JanFeb Double issue 2017…check it out! Illustration by Jim Tweedy, Colorized by Desiree Lonsway

Framing Your Pet

Framing Your Pet

Not just for passing gas any more!

VOTE! 2012 Henrietta’s Reader’s Choice Awards

VOTE! 2012 Henrietta’s Reader’s Choice Awards

Get your VOTE on! It’s time to promote your favorite pet businesses in Houston.  VOTE for the 2012 Henrietta’s Reader’s Choice Awards. Our Rover-ing reporter has tons of great categories this year…VOTE today and everyday til May 30! Winners are announced in our July Issue.  

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Online Survey Contest

  IT’S EASY, FAST AND OFFERS YOU THE CHANCE TO WIN PRIZES! Just Take This Online Survey (Which Will Help Us Continue Making Our Publication What You Want It To Be!)  Survey Ends June 30 and Five Random Winners Will Be Selected To Receive:  1st Prize: 4 Tickets To The Reliant Dog Show and A Special Surprise At The Event 2nd […]

March Madness

No, I’m not talking about Basketball for all you crazy-loving hoopsters out there…I’m talking about how crazy busy March is for Houston pet events. If you’ve been holed up, crying in your Chardonnay over the pork-fat in the stimulus bill that we all know won’t put a single nickel in our pockets, it’s time to […]

Tweedy Art Goes “GOLD”

im Tweedy, (Henrietta’s “Maker”) has outdone himself with his latest gift to a rescue group, Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue.

Henrietta Says “Vote Today Houston”!

  I am posting this blog while waiting in line to vote. I’ve been to Starbarks and have my Double Tall “Skinny” Vanilla Latte and I can’t wait to get in that voting booth! It will be my first time to exercise the greatest freedom known to man, the freedom to decide (You only have […]

Pet Food Question

Why is that we dogs and cats have to eat dry, boring, processed pellets called “food” all the while our humans are sitting down to sizzling steaks, juicy burgers, tasty casseroles and yummy rotisserie baked chickens? And, right in front of our noses I might add!

A Black Squirrel Or Am I Nuts?

Holy Hot Dogs….I just saw a black squirrel! At first I thought I’d just been chewing on tainted pine bark mulch too long but after running in the house screaming for mom to come see (yep..got in trouble for that again…she thought a hawk ate my brother. No such luck), she told me they are […]