April 2013 Digital Issue of Houston PetTalk

April 2013 Digital Issue of Houston PetTalk

KHOU’s David Paul and other Houston Media Hounds support local rescue.  Also inside: Selling your home, cancer screening, and zoo dogs! Read the April 2013 issue here. In this issue: Media Hounds Selling your Home, Keeping Pets Safe Company Spotlight: Tx Direct Auto Dysplasia Cancer Screening A Visit to Belize Service Dogs Helping Save Lives […]

If Your Pet Has Cancer…

By VCA Hospitals
Breakthroughs in veterinarian medicine across wellness, trauma, infections and surgery have led to our pets surviving more conditions and living longer. The extended life of a pet consequently provides an increased chance for developing other issues, including cancer. One in four domesticated dogs in the United States will die of cancer, and that number increases to almost one in two for dogs who reach the age of 10.

Owners can take a proactive role in identifying cancer in their pets. Skin tumors, the most common cancer in dogs and cats, can be easily felt while spending quality time your pet. Middle to older aged animals may display vague signs that including vomiting, lethargy, weight loss, lameness, or coughing, which can all be linked to cancers of internal organs.

You Can Prevent Cancer in Your Pet – 5 Things You Need to Know

The dreaded “c” word. Nobody wants to hear that a loved one has cancer, and that certainly includes our beloved pets. This week we are going to talk about how to prevent cancer in your pets. Next week we will address how you can holistically help your pet if sadly they have been diagnosed with cancer or your vet suspects cancer.