Treating pain the holistic way

Treating pain the holistic way

      Do you know that everything boils down to a type of pain you or your pet experience? Pain from injury, illness, dealing with chronic or destructive behavioral problems, and even from a missing or in spirit pet. Ultimately, all can be categorized into physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual pain.  Did you know that you have the […]

The Art of Listening to Your Heart & The Heart of Your Pet

The holiday season is here and it is almost Christmas.  I thought about what I wanted to talk about this week.  Because of a number of things that have happened to me in the past week, it really made me reflect on how important it was to listen to my heart and help animals do […]

You Can Help Your Pet with Natural Health Care – Ready to Get Started?

Hi everyone, I’m very excited about doing this new blog.  I look forward to sharing ways you can help your pets live a happier, healthier and longer life.  It doesn’t matter if you are a pet owner or animal professional, everyone can do everything I’ll be talking about.  After all, many people use natural health care to […]

Hope For Spinal Cord Injuries In Dogs

As an animal chiropractor, I am faced with many challenges. Challenges where clients reach to you with heavy hearts and tough questions: “You are our last hope!” “Will our dog ever walk again?”, “If only our dog could have a better quality of life”, or “I was told what I see is what I’ve got!”
Cowboy was suffering from degenerative disk disease. He had surgery for three blown disks in his mid-back and his veterinarian thought he would never be able to compete in agility again.

Animal chiropractic is often the pet’s last health resort. The same is true for the human counterpart.