Is Your Pet Overweight?

Is Your Pet Overweight?

Treating pain the holistic way

Treating pain the holistic way

      Do you know that everything boils down to a type of pain you or your pet experience? Pain from injury, illness, dealing with chronic or destructive behavioral problems, and even from a missing or in spirit pet. Ultimately, all can be categorized into physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual pain.  Did you know that you have the […]

Gifts for Pets with a Natural Theme!

Consider treating your pet or giving a gift with a natural theme!  Custom products are easily selected for your pet through muscle testing/kinesiology.  Muscle testing for animals is the KEY to finding the right products.  You will save time and money by using muscle testing for your animals or yourself.  Click here to learn more.  A […]

Do You Know the #1 Cause of Behavioral & Health Issues in Pets?

Did you know that the #1 ultimate cause is stress? It affects animals just like people.  If an animal is stressed out, it can lead to behavioral problems or health conditions.  So what is the key to a healthy pet? First, think of your pet on a holistic (wholistic) level. Animals need to be looked […]

How Nutrition & Kinesiology Can Help Your Pet’s Health

Now to talk about nutrition and how kinesiology can help this very important part of your pet’s life. Did you know that feeding the wrong foods and supplements can cause health and behavioral problems? Many sensitivities/allergies are a result of the foods your pet is eating. It can even contribute to behavioral issues such as lethargy, hyperactivity and anxiety. It does not matter if it is a dog, cat, horse, etc. That is how important nutrition is. Ideally, if an animal body’s was in perfect balance, they could eat anything and would be just fine. But because of so many factors in their lives, including environmental, it makes this extremely challenging.

You Can Help Your Pet with Natural Health Care – Ready to Get Started?

Hi everyone, I’m very excited about doing this new blog.  I look forward to sharing ways you can help your pets live a happier, healthier and longer life.  It doesn’t matter if you are a pet owner or animal professional, everyone can do everything I’ll be talking about.  After all, many people use natural health care to […]