Top Toxins For Pets Inside Your Home

Top Toxins For Pets Inside Your Home

July 4th Pet Safety Tips

July 4th Pet Safety Tips

              The snap, crackle and pop of fireworks, backyard barbeques and spending time with your family and friends is a Fourth of July tradition.  All of the bright lights and noise may be exciting to us, but it can be scary and harmful to our four-legged family members. The […]

Time To Eat The Dog?

Last week, I had a client ask me if I knew that owning a dog was worse for the environment than owning an SUV. “WHAT?”  I was flabbergasted.  I decided to do some research and found that all the hubbub stems from a book released in 2009 titled, Time to Eat the Dog, The Real […]

Every Day Safety For Your Dog (Training, Identification, Food, Bloat)

Training, Identification, Dangerous Foods, Bloat, etc….  Oh my!  So many things to consider when it comes to your dog’s safety.  Get Along Little Doggie and The Association of Pet Dog Trainers has compiled some extremely useful information, tips, and resources. A leisurely walk around the neighborhood, park, or outdoor trail is something that most people […]

TC Jester Dog Park Grand Opening & What Makes A Good Dog Park?

The Houston Dog Park Association is hosting the TC Jester Dog Park Grand Opening Party this Saturday, April 24th from 2 til 4 pm at TC Jester Dog Park located @ 4201 TC Jester Boulevard (Near Northwest Houston). Lots of fun doggie vendors with goodies to give away, refreshments, entertainment, appearances by city officials and a FREE dog behavior session in the park. Come help celebrate this new dog park!

Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season – What You Need to Know

Today we are going to talk about how to keep your pet safe during the busy holidays.  There are many things we enjoy that our pets might want to enjoy too but could cause them great harm.  Also, there are things we can look at to keep them as stress-free as possible as we are […]

Summer Safety: Don’t Leave Pets In Cars!

Pets can die in just minutes while you run a quick errand.

Kids & Pets

Education is a key element in making the human-animal bond a mutually satisfying experience. Parents of children have an important