Social Networking Site For Pet Lovers

You’ve been facebooking, myspacing, tweeting, youtubing, chatting and friending and NOW you can do the same with pet lovers in Houston or anywhere in the world! Houston PetTalk and our new affiliate company, My have launched a premier social networking site where pet enthusiasts can connect, unite, play and revel with likeminded animal lovers.

Great Artist, Great New Site

Not Only Is Nancy Davis Keely a wonderful painter, she also takes amazing photos of your pets! Her works make a great gift (or personal purchase) for any pet lover. Her masterpieces are something memorable to add to any decor. Check out her new website, and let her know what you think. Comment way…

Economic Pet Solutions: Resale Pet Products

I have been “green” a long time. Janet Huey talks about her business, PetStuff Resale.


We all do it at the holidays. Overindulge, that is; on eggnog, cookies, candy and holiday buffet fare even though we know it’s not good for us. And it’s hard not to do the same with our four-legged, furry companions. The advent of the New Year is the perfect time to resolve to achieve a healthier lifestyle for our pets, according to the experts at Wellness® Natural Food and Snacks for Pets.

“Just as for people, eating right and getting exercise are fundamental to a pet’s health,” said Dr. Edward Moser, VMD, consulting veterinary nutritionist…

Are you a Responsible Dog Owner? Top 10 Dog Care Essentials

Don’t miss these tips from Stephanie Bennett, Our Superstar Trainer and Blogger.

Pet Travel Tips & Precautions

Will you be traveling with your pet this year? According to a survey of pet owners by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), more than 53% of dogs and cats will travel with their owners this holiday season. Did you know that of the 4 major travel choices that Americans have, pets are not allowed […]

Kids & Pets

Education is a key element in making the human-animal bond a mutually satisfying experience. Parents of children have an important

Adopt A Pet – ReCycle!

My personal commitment to shelter adoption began with Tiny, a six-year-old poodle, sitting quietly in the midst of a bustle of energetic

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