Houston Reiki Workshop June 26

Houston Reiki Workshop June 26

Reiki for People Workshop with Kim Shotola: (Must have this class in order to take reiki for animals as every reiki teacher is different and each workshop builds off of the other.) Date: Sunday, June 26th Location: Kim’s farm near Manvel/Alvin off hwy. 288, 30 minutes south of Houston medical center Time: 9am-5pm Cost: Since less than […]

Gifts for Pets with a Natural Theme!

Consider treating your pet or giving a gift with a natural theme!  Custom products are easily selected for your pet through muscle testing/kinesiology.  Muscle testing for animals is the KEY to finding the right products.  You will save time and money by using muscle testing for your animals or yourself.  Click here to learn more.  A […]

Top 5 Natural Methods You Can Learn to Help Your Pet!

Here are our top natural methods that treat your pet as a WHOLE – body, mind and soul and help them to live a happier, healthier and longer life.  EVERYONE can learn how to do EVERYTHING!  This is not something only the “gifted” can learn.  These are methods even a child can learn how to […]

The Lightfoot Blog: Anyone Can Use Reiki to Help Their Pet

It has grown in popularity in the US and is offered in hospitals such as MD Anderson.

You Can Help Your Pet with Natural Health Care – Ready to Get Started?

Hi everyone, I’m very excited about doing this new blog.  I look forward to sharing ways you can help your pets live a happier, healthier and longer life.  It doesn’t matter if you are a pet owner or animal professional, everyone can do everything I’ll be talking about.  After all, many people use natural health care to […]