Canine Cancer: Breed Dispositions

Canine Cancer: Breed Dispositions

By Dr. Mark Silberman, Southwest Animal Clinic, 4570 Bissonnet – Article from November 2012 Houston PetTalk Magazine Cancer is a common canine ailment. It is a killer in dogs, just as it is in humans.  There are predisposing factors that have been identified such as exposure to substances like metals, dust, chemicals or pesticides.  Diet […]

Southwest Animal Clinic Offers Companion Laser Therapy

Southwest Animal Clinic Offers Companion Laser Therapy

Southwest Animal Clinic announces the addition of the Companion Therapy Laser® to their practice, making them one of the first practices in the region to add the Companion therapeutic laser. With the addition of the laser, companion animals will receive relief from pain, inflammation and swelling associated with soft tissue injuries, trauma, surgery and chronic […]

Recognizing and Treating Pain in our Pets

Myths and treatments for pain in our pets by Dr. Silberman. Our pets are adept at masking their pain so we as stewards, must be attuned to their behaviors.

SouthWest Animal Clinic Extended Dental Plan

Southwest Animal Clinic
4570 Bissonnet
Bellaire, TX 77401

Is extending their dental health months until April 30th, 2010!

-FREE Dental Exams
-20% OFF on all dental cleanings and dental products

Please call for an appointment: 713.668.4466

Feline Food Controversy

Are dry foods (kibble) causing an epidemic of obesity/diabetes in cats? A recent paper by JAVMA suggests dry food grains are carb overdrive.

Get Your Tickets Early For CAP’s Co-Paw-Cabana Party!

The hottest ticket in town is waiting for you. Support CAP at their Annual Paws For Style Fashion Show.

Joanne King Herring Creates Annual HHS Award

By Michelle Mantor, Houston PetTalk Editor (click here for past issue of Houston PetTalk featuring Joanne King Herring) Sometimes I sit back and realize what incredible “pet champions” we have in this city. Because of Houston PetTalk, I’m so used to being around benevolent, caring animal supporters almost daily that I find myself taking for […]

SNAPshots Celebration & Chloe Dao Fashion Show A Hit!

SNAPshots Celebration and Chloe Dao fashion show raises money for SNAP.

Bladder Stones in Cats

 by Dr. Mark Silberman, Southwest Animal Clinic, 4570 Bissonnet Bladder stones (uroliths) are rock-like structures that form in the urinary bladder.  Comprised of minerals, they can take many shapes from a single large stone to multiple lobulated stones to sand-like grit.   Cats with bladder stones show the typical signs of a urinary tract infection.  They […]