Top 25 Medical Advances in the Last 10 Years For Pets

Top 25 Medical Advances in the Last 10 Years For Pets

Amazing General Veterinarian Breakthroughs in the Last 10 Years by From surgeries to the latest advancements in therapies, the below have it all. Stem Cell Therapy Not just a point of conversation and debate for human medicine, it is available in veterinary medicine as well. Its goal is to stimulate and activate dormant stem […]

Canine Health Institute Opens In Houston

The Canine Health Institute (CHI) is a new facility offering an unparalleled level of care for pets in pain. Located at 3800 Southwest Freeway, this new, state-of-the-art facility is truly one of a kind. CHI is dedicated to enhancing the physical abilities and life quality of dogs through offering services in conditioning, pain management and rehabilitation.

Through a process of veterinarian referral, you can find new comfort for your dog. Through services such as diagnostic imaging, acupuncture, chiropractic, heat therapy, hydro therapy, laser therapy, massage, ultrasound, stem cell therapy, weight control and more, CHI can develop a customized program for your pet, working in tandem with your veterinarian.