Houston Dog Park Association Working On More Parks!

Houston Dog Park Association Working On More Parks!

Letter From Houston Dog Park Association (Note: Learn more about HDPA atĀ theirĀ Annual Meeting at Shady Tavern, a dog friendly ice house in the Heights, this Saturday Feb 19th at 3 pm) Our Prez Tiffany Moore recommended FIVE locations for dog parks in the West Reach of the Greens Bayou Corridor Coalition community workshop at a […]

Houston Dog Park Association Seeks Sponsorships

The Houston Dog Park Association is seeking local businesses to offer discounts to our dog loving members. A Membership Card Sponsorship includes a link from our web site to yours on our Sponsor page (our site averages 3000 visitors a month) and the cost is that of a Houston Dog Park Membership, $20 per year.

1. Raise funds from pet friendly activities to support dog park advocacy, the local dog community and dog rescue organizations.

2. Partner with various Parks and Recreation Departments to establish an educated dog friendly community with more dog parks.