When we bring a pet into our home, we take responsibility for their life.  We feed them and provide shelter and love.  Through training, we communicate the rules of acceptable behavior to them.   

Dogs are outdoor creatures; they like to explore, run, play and burn energy.  A fence or gate is often an opportunity for adventure that can end up being a tragic mistake. Dogs can’t understand the unfortunate consequences of exploring a limitless world.  Invisible Fence Brand offers solutions which a dog or cat can understand and learn.  The process of how dogs and cats learn to stay safe has evolved over the past 46 years.  

In collaboration with leading animal-behaviorists around the country, the Perfect Start™ Plus Training Program we use, was developed to ensure pets learn boundaries without fear or distress. Using these customized training techniques, our trainers provide the most gentle and humane path to learn new boundaries. Our combination of extraordinary electronic equipment and knowledgeable professionals will provide you and your family with a better pet experience.  The following are solutions you may not realize we have to offer. 

Indoor Solutions:

  • Protect furniture from clawing, scratching or chewing damage 
  • Block access to rooms or stairs  
  • Create pet-free zones for your belongings or their safety or both 
  • Make patios a safe area in a condo 
  • Use instead of a baby gate 
  • Dog doors that open with the receiver collars 

Outdoor Solutions: 

Another favorite feature is the “different rules for different pets”.  Examples: a food bowl can be on or off limits depending on which pet it is intended for.  Other examples: a dog can be kept away from a cat box; an older pet can have a safe haven from his younger siblings, etc.   

Invisible Fence Brand was the first to invent the radio pet containment concept.  They are always creating new innovative products for our families.  Please be careful going forward, as all brands are not equal!  Invisible Fence Brand of Greater Houston has been around since 1984 and is dedicated to making lives with pets healthier and happier. Remember when we bring a pet into our home, we take responsibility for their life. 

By: Invisible Fence Brand of Greater Houston