And they’re off!!!!     Houston Area Ferret Association took an early lead in the race to sell raffle tickets by turning in $120.  Houston Sheltie Rescue passed them by with $185 turned in!  Sign up to be a fan on PetFest’s facebook page and you will see the weekly updates.   Dont forget that the group or person selling the most tickets will win $100 (this contest is not limited to rescue groups – any booth or person can sell tickets and win!).

It is to everyone’s advantage that we sell as many tickets as possible!  The more tickets sold, the more money PetFest has to give back to you!  In the past two years, we have given back $6000+ each year.  This year, our goal is much higher because we know the need is even more this year with donations down.   You may sell tickets on Saturday during PetFest but all tickets and money must be turned in by 5PM on Saturday.   Please turn money and ticket stubs in as you sell each book so we know how its going – please do not wait until the end.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or call me at 281/528-7070.

PetFest Coordinator