Domestic Cat in the grassNow until Dec. 31st – Get your pet microchipped for just $10 when you donate a toy worth $10 or make a $10 donation to Montgomery County Emergency Assistance.  MCEA provides emergency and preventative assistance through temporary financial assistance for rent/mortgage, utilities, childcare, prescription, and basic necessities.

“We are so excited to be helping Montgomery County Emergency Assistance while we are raising awareness about micro-chipping,” explains Deana Sellens, Executive Director of Texas Litter Control.  “Pet owners should know that the last lifeline for their pet is a micro-chip.  All of our shelters are scanning and many Animal Control Officers carry scanners in their trucks to avoid the animal ever getting to the shelter.  Helping pets and helping kiddos!  What could get better than that!”

Texas Litter Control usually charges $25 for micro-chipping.  The chips are fully registered for life.  There are no hidden fees!  Micro-chipping pets is especially important in our region of Texas.  During natural disasters such as hurricanes, many pets are displaced from their homes.  Collars are lost and when animals are picked up, those with micro-chips are returned to their owners first.  Even without natural disasters, 1 out of every 3 pets will become lost at some point.  All of our local shelters in Montgomery and Harris counties are scanning for micro-chips.  Micro-chipping dogs increases their chances of getting back to their owners over 200%, micro-chipping cats increases their chances more than 2000%!