Save Our Strays

IMG_9707Meet “Hippie,” a one year old, terrier that was hit by a car this past November. In a stroke of good luck for Hippie, a good Samaritan saw the whole thing happen and quickly rushed to get her out of the road. The woman who rescued Hippy took the injured dog to Missouri City Animal Control, where she was told that this precious girl would be euthanized if left there. Shocked and disappointed, Hippie’s hero refused to leave her there to be euthanized. However, unable to afford the care the pup needed, she was unsure of what to do next. In yet another miraculous stroke of luck, a volunteer from local rescue organization, Save Our Strays Fort Bend, overheard the conversation and offered to help.

IMG_9038The volunteer directed our good Samaritan to Stafford Oaks Veterinary Hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery to amputate her irreversibly injured appendage. Horrifically, the right front leg was “degloved” and mangled having suffered a compound fracture of the radius and ulna, the bone protruding through her skin. About three weeks after the amputation Hippy underwent a second major surgery to correct a pelvic fracture through the acetabulum; the socket of the hipbone, into which the head of the femur fits.  She had numerous lacerations which were cared for and are healing now.

20151207_075139Thanks to the thoughfulness of that stranger, and the charity of Save Our Strays Fort Bend, Hippy is now in recovery mode. She is taking it easy, learning to travel as a tri-pod and letting her traumatic wounds heal, mentally and physically. Her caretakers say she is doing very well and will be available for adoption in the next we months.

1-0_USPS16STA004bSave Our Strays Fort Bend now asks for our help, they were able to get this beautiful creature the help she deserved but at a large expense. The total cost for Hippie’s care comes to $2,100.00. If you are able, please help Save Our Strays Fort Bend pay for Hippie’s medical bills. Donations are easy and can be made in any denomination online via PayPal or by mail using a check to Save Our Strays, P.O. Box 1709, Sugar Land, TX 77487. Click here to donate to Save Our Strays Fort Bend online.

Save Our Strays is a charitable non profit 501 C3 organization that has been in operation since 2004 saving thousands of cats and dogs and placing them in loving homes.